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Marine Ecosystem Reference Guide

What is MERG?

MERG is the foundation for promoting ecosystem based decision-making.

As a decision support tool, MERG includes over 200 layers of scientific, traditional and local knowledge in an interactive format that can be used to proactively assess conflicts and compatibilities between values and uses in the marine environment.


We are grateful for the generous financial contribution of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Without their support, this tool would not have been possible.

We would also like to thank the many individuals, organizations, and communities within the WCVI region who shared their knowledge and stories with us. You represent the beauty, diversity and richness of this place we call home.

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Who is MERG for?

  • Governments to ensure that decision making is ecosystem based and inclusive of cultural, ecological, social and recreational values;

  • First Nations when assessing potential impacts to aboriginal rights during referral management/consultation;

  • Industry to identify appropriate areas for economic development to take place;

  • Academia to access regional information about potential study sites, and to have an online platform where research results can be geospatially referenced; and

  • Anyone interested in learning more about activities and values in the region, and foster a culture of stewardship.

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